Learn to manufacture paint (High quality at low cost) of every kind and other related products, we give total instruction with videos: Equipment, Formulation, Raw Materials, Area, etc.

Manufacture of all type of paint, we give total instruction with videos: Formulation, Equipment, process, etc.







For  the sending of money we have the following choices:

1.- Through WESTERN UNION, firm engaged in remittances of money from and toward anywhere in the world, such an institution has agencies in all the cities overseas, if you need help on this, we will send you the list of these agencies in your city with exact addresses to allow you choose the closest.

The remittance must be issued in the name of , to the city of  Guayaquil - Ecuador, once the payment is done, you will be given a countersign which you will have to send us by e-mail to proceed on our submittance immediately.

Please point out here  to find the closest WESTERN UNION Agency in your location.

(This method takes only minutes for your value to reach us.)




2.- Transference to our Bank in Ecuador:

For this method, you only need to go to your bank and ask for a transference to:

Beneficiary Bank:  PRODUBANCO (Ecuador)
ADDRESS:  Amazonas N35-211 y Japˇn.

Quito - Ecuador

1 2 2 2 8 0 0 9 9 0 7
ADDRESS:  Avenida Olmos 321, Loma de Urdesa, Guayaquil - Ecuador
TelÚfono: 2886051


(This method takes two days for your value to reach us.)






How we send our information:

Once your payment is received by any of the mentioned terms, you will immediately receive in your e-mail inbox the following e-mails:


 E-mail # 1  with the files of:   MACHINE GRAPHICS.




E-mail # 2   with the files of:  ALL THE FORMULAS and the group of 20 additionals formulas.


We usually send our information through JPEG files, which will allow you opening them without troubles in any computer machine, and made with .the highest clearness that reading is easy once printed




These DVDs will be sent to you by traditional registered mail, and home-delivered in 4 or 5 days,
the shipping fee will be at our  own cos


We will also send you one of our Color Charts so you may appreciate the quality
of our finish-method and use it as an example/guide to elaborate yours.