Paint manufacturing process (of every kind) (High quality at low cost), we give you total instruction with videos: Equipment, Formulation, Raw Materials, Area, etc.

Total instruction with videos, to manufacture paint of every kind 
(High quality at low cost).





Welcome to  from......PINTURAS CHAMPION DEL ECUADOR, appointed to help paint stores, hardware stores,
traders and industrialists from all English speaking countries who wish to start the wonderful and profitable business of Manufactur
ing Paints,
under the whole
advantage of our leading and assessment and within short, an important factory in their country can be achieved as well.


Manufacture paintings of every kind, it is a very simple and very economical process and
you can perfectly start in a small area.

Apprenez à fabriquer des peintures en suivant nos instructions 

We clear up that our work is not just “selling theoretical formulae” of those “ordinary” which are used to getting for
free or supplied by “general
chemistry” firms, but without any expertise in paints, whose manufacture is very
“long and complex”, require of many
trials to make it perfect, of  “several machineries” which besides at
manufacturing, they result so “complex and expensive” that the entrepreneur  businessman,
matter how good and enthusiastic can be, gets discouraged and leaves the
project at seeing it unprofitable.



Apprenez à fabriquer des peintures en suivant nos instructions

Our work is to TRANSMIT YOU OUR UPDATED EXPERIENCE and accompany our customer day by day in the development and growth of his factory, and for you nothing is better than supporting in
a company whose specialty is “in paints only”.




offers you all their formulas and complete assessment, to allow you manufacture any quality painting and of  every kind, through the most simple and practical way you can imagine and in a very small space which could be well............."THE GARAGE OF YOUR HOUSE"

For paintings manufacture you will only need a small machine as you can see in the photo, this will be built
 by any  welding workshop  just upon showing them the clear and explicit  drawing that  we will  send  you  then.

This small machine has a great production capacity of l60 liters (40 gallons) per hour, and
can be handled by just a man without the need of being skilled in manufacture
of paintings
, and the process is EASY, CLEAN, QUIET AND SAFETLY.     

The construction of this machine cannot be more simple and inexpensive, it is a simple metallic structure with a turning shaft powered by a 1 HP electrical motor.

It is also worth seeing that the tank used for manufactures is the usual metallic drum of 55 gallons capacity, with a very low price.



Apprenez à fabriquer des peintures en suivant nos instructions.  Si facile que ça

If you are trying to increase your profits highly, here you have a great choice as just few businesses offer you a real good yielding with very little investment and a good technical support as we are for you indeed.